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very cool and fun + awsome game....just need some critical stuff to be added:

1. remove the shake screen
2. make game play fast ...currently when i press "w" or move up or down the character take some time to move...so there is some delay in movment
3.make bomb explode fast
4.remove the little spaces between brick and buildings when the player move ...it feels like he can go throw bricks but he cant lol
5. put some real human characters not just pixles characters please.
6. increase size of player name above the character ...i could barely see the player name above his head
7. incease chat text size
8. add ability to add steam friends
9. change explosion animation to realisitic and real fire animation and color
10. add ability to chat in while in battle with friends
11. the controls are really bad it makes players kill themselves/suicide automatically without knowing what happened
because there is big delay and lag in controls please fix them
12. i created room..but can not see it in bottom tab of game " active rooms"
13.can not add friends when they offline ....can you change that to be able to add them offline/online ?

thank you for creating this wonderfull game i was waiting for long time for game similar to bomberman and multiplayer too

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 07:36
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Hi there! Thank you for your

Hi there! Thank you for your great input. I think we will need some idea voting mechanism for more complex requests that have huge impact. I might add them myself there or let you do it on your own once the voting-mechanism is ready.

As to your list:

  1. I might add an option to turn of explosion FX from settings, I think this should go through vote but we will see :)
  2. You should not see that delay. The only quick idea I have now is that you are far away from our game-servers. Can you ping poland.bombinator.net and canada.bombinator.net?
  3. make bomb explode fast - I love this idea and will definitely add it as a parameter in bonuses section where you can control startup configuration of room (bombs, perks, and features)
  4. remove the little spaces between .. this will go to the Vote section
  5. put some real human characters .. this will go to the Vote section - but it is hard one and resources consuming, I would rather make game stable first and focus more attention on game-play features
  6. increase size of player name .. I'll think about adding some scale factor in settings for player name
  7. increase chat text size .. I'll think about adding some scale factor in settings for chat
  8. add steam friends .. yes sir definitely
  9. change explosion animation to realistic .. this will go to the Vote section
  10. add ability to chat in while in battle .. this will go to the Vote section, I had chat there in past but it was not useful game is really dynamic and there is not much time to read chat. Yet I can imagine some popups over players
  11. the controls are really bad it .. I hope it's related to latency, paste your pings outcome, we will add more servers in future and on Monday there should be one working in France
  12. I created room..but can not see it in .. well the counter in the bottom is cashed and probably was not yet recounted, I'll check it :)
  13. can not add friends when they offline .. this feature was there already but due to reduction of possibility of "what can go wrong if many players start to play" it was turned of, I'll added to to vote list

Again thx for your ideas. I'm glad you like Bombinator even in its early stage.

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 13:09
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hi..thanks for replay....here

hi..thanks for replay....here is list of some bugs:

1. when joining a romm...not joining any slot...and the host start ....i cant leave game only with penalty of losing honor points and other points...
2. after returning from finished match and still waiting for other play to be ready......there is a button called " please" when clicked the game will freeze for ever and must close it from task manager.
3. i just refered this game to a friend on steam and he said he is unable to play the game because he was having too much high ping " 500+ " ....he quit the game because he killed him self in game too much in begning...i was getting nice ping 109ms and game was laggy and have delay
4. after punching a bomb many times from side of map to other side of map and it comes back to me ...i am unable to punch it back to other place to save my self...

game is fun but the maps are really small and players limited to only 4 !! wish it was 8 players in same big map....

thanks for this game hope it stay on for ever and become famous

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 15:49
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loosing points .. you will

  1. loosing points .. you will not loose points or gold if you where not sitted although remark is right I should display that popup only for sited players.
  2. bug .. thanks I'll look in to this problem
  3. latency .. well 500ms is out of scope, I tested game up to 200. This is very dynamic experience and you can do lots of things within one second. Best quality of game-play you will get with latency below 60ms. What region-country are you from? On Monday or even tomorrow a server will be ruining in France. We have not setup-ed yet anything for Asia
  4. locked .. apart from throwing you can still kick bomb next to you :)

And as for plans for first update :) my piority are bugs and next 2 maps which are a bit larger than existing. They are truly one map with 2 variants one with destructible-objects and one without them. But still this map will target 4 players.

8 players map is for further updates.

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 19:24
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hi..found very bad bugs

hi..found very bad bugs/errors :

1. when 2 sitted players ready for match in room and host press start.....only one of them load map and start the play while the other player still stay in room ......example....you and i in game room ready to play ...you press start......then your game loads fine and you start to play in map...while am still stuck in room game not loaded .....i can leave room and join another room and play...while you still playing alone in map.
2. unable to see rooms created by other players normaly in rooms list ...even though it says there are 4 or 5 players online ....even if i click on refresh ...i must click on next page room 001 too see the rooms
3. win rate error ? i won many games and always win and yet my win rate goes from 80% to 78 ? lol how is that working ? i think i supposed to be %100 because i always win
4. this bombinator.net forum dosnt have a scroll bar...means one cannot press or click or see the scroll bar here he must use the "scroll button on mouse " to scroll down.

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 19:51
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As to 1 I'll look in to this

As to 1 I'll look in to this problem. This one is painful to track. I already meet with it before and what I found is that lider allays gets in room and others get in room after 10-12 seconds. So if it occurs wait and you will join eventually. I was hoping it was fixed already but I see my changes did not fixed it.

As to 2 I'll investigate this one.

As to 3-rd here is your web profile: https://bombinator.net/player/view?user=abudYaALLAHYaMoHamad
According to this profile you have lost due to death 6 games and probably due to errors (when you where leaving arena because you did not entered) 8 suicides. So I guess win rate is OK.

And last one what browser and OS? in Firefox, Chrome and Edge on windows everything is fine. Although on chrome it's very slim.

Thnx for help with bugs :)

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 01:54
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1. it says in link or my profile i have 0 days left for premium while in game says premium for 30 days
2. http://imgur.com/a/QsL8S
3. when using "middle mouse button scroll ingame" at any place the chat menu get scrolled up or down
4.the show online friends option "tick/untick" always automatically get it self unticked when i tick it......
5.when zooming in game too close or any zoom ....it will automatically rezoom camera to ogirinal.....i want to be able to zoom it for a fixed camerangle....same for rotating.....after rotation to any angle it rotates back to original....
6. my account got suspended for 44 seconds....i dont know why or what happened
7. when launching game in xp windows it says collecting data ...at stuck at this phase for long time
8.can i buy premium with my normal gold ?
9. game is fine so far except there are so little players " maybe not advertised yet" .....and the big delay / lag ingame mechanics that make many players leave the game instantly..it is not because the internet i believe the game is not optimized for speed ?
10.can you add in game taunts ?
11. i must have 100 wins and 8 loss in order to be number 1 ? or how ?

thanks for your time and effort

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 03:11
Sun, 05/07/2017 - 08:31
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Morning :)

Morning :)

You must acknowledge that I am only one person working on this project and it is not fulltime bah it’s not even part time currently. So you must understand that I won’t be able to make any dramatic changes over one night :D

As it comes to graphics I’m quite idle in the topic and that’s the last thing I would consider to change now before game starts to make any profit. Still this patchwork of assets I acquired is not that awful and should let us still create a truly addictive game play.

As for the rest :)

  1. 0 days left for premium .. noted I’ll check it later this evening if I manage
  2. scrollbar .. without information on [operating system, Browser, Version of browser and extension list for that browser along with theme you use] I cannot reproduce
  3. scroll in-game .. if you tap any message it should not scroll to the bottom again, there should be slightly different background for that message. Above chat window there are two buttons one switches level of messages (all, private) the other turns on auto scrolling, if scrolling is off button background has different color
  4. show online friends .. yes that’s checkbox state is not saved, I was thinking of this but I thought this might lead to confusion. There are players out there with less experience and they might fought that this online friend is actually in your room. We might add this to this voting page once its ready.
  5. zooming in game too close or any .. well that’s a feature we do not have yet, but why not I’ll add this to upcoming features
  6. camera angle....same for rotating .. that’s out of scope currently can be added to voting system thou
  7. got suspended for 44 seconds .. aware of situation, game locks users that flood system with unusual load of messages or failures, mechanism is good but I need to update a client a bit so it won’t trigger this
  8. xp windows it says collecting data .. what is the quality and bandwidth of your internet connection? It is very smooth for me
  9. can I buy premium .. in about a week or two I’ll unlock possibility to buy premium this will be annual subscription in a form of DLC, but premium limits only access to customization so gameplay will be available to all players
  10. game is fine so far except there are so little players .. this about 30 hour that Bombinator is live, so this just started, currently there is about 280 accounts so there is hope that soon more people will play
  11. in game taunts .. we will push it to voting section
  12. must have 100 wins and 8 loss in order to be number 1 .. no there is a bug in top ten rank and ranks I look in to this :)

I’m off today sadly and tomorrow is Monday which is work day but I have scheduled upcoming server side changes that should be applied within a week. That should cover major issues we currently deal with.

Thnx for your tips and ideas :)

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 13:25
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hi..thanks for answering....

hi..thanks for answering.....just note: you can zoom while in game ....using mouse middle button " scroll" and you can rotate screen and angle in game too with mouse left click....but the problem they revert back to their original angle.....i just want to zoom the map....because map is too small.....

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 13:38
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another important bug/error:

another important bug/error:

1.when joining a room create by some random player in carnda server....i get yellow screen say " pending connetion" and stay for looooong time haha



2. when player die in game....let his items spreads and splits all over the map so other players get his items....thanks

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 22:28
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Second is on road map and

Second is on road map and first is an issue with joining active game-play and should be fixed within a week :)