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Yes that’s true we are on Greenlight and if you want to support us just follow this link and Vote Yes!

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Current status

Overall votes are promising and a lot of you already decided that this game should be listed on Steam! Thank You that means a lot for us :)

Some fresh goodies

I’d love to share even more Good News Everyone with You! So let’s speak of upcoming beta lunch. We already have 15 subscribers on our mailing list. We are counting for at least 200 to start the process so do not hesitate and signup.

As for gaming regions that will be available for you we are considering this locations:

    - Paris, Europe
    - Chicago, North America
    - Singapore, Asia
    - Brisbane, Australia
    - Sao Paulo, South America

This list is not official yet. We must first confirm that they are needed ;]

That’s why we wish that you show some love for Bombinator and vote on best location for you at

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very cool and fun + awsome game....just need some critical stuff to be added:

1. remove the shake screen
2. make game play fast ...currently when i press "w" or move up or down the character take some time to there is some delay in movment
3.make bomb explode fast
4.remove the little spaces between brick and buildings when the player move feels like he can go throw bricks but he cant lol
5. put some real human characters not just pixles characters please.
6. increase size of player name above the character ...i could barely see the player name above his head
7. incease chat text size
8. add ability to add steam friends
9. change explosion animation to realisitic and real fire animation and color
10. add ability to chat in while in battle with friends
11. the controls are really bad it makes players kill themselves/suicide automatically without knowing what happened
because there is big delay and lag in controls please fix them
12. remove the 12 seconds count down timer please it is very annoying.
13. remove the warmup time please
14.the punch function/powerup dosnt always works..sometime works some time dosnt ..
15.please make the map big is too small ...can i invite 8 friends in same map ? it is only 4 players...please increase map size to same size as screen without these little side shops and side things...thanks

thank you for creating this wonderfull game i was waiting for long time for game similar to bomberman and multiplayer too