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Finally after a year of hard work, we are close to release an early access version of Bombinator. We are already testing the first features and polishing the client to be ready for a public release. Currently client is restricted to limited group of people but it will be open to all players soon, hopefully around second half of June.

So should I be involved in early access program, is it any good for me?

That’s an important question and to answer it we have to now a little more about You. Are you here to experience a final gameplay, to see a ready product? Have you great expectations of a gameplay and full servers of other people? If yes than this is definitely not a good moment to even read this posts. Come back closer to November when we plan the first part of Bombinator game fully ready and working (Online Multiplayer Arena Gameplay).

I want to be more than just a regular player!

If you want to influence the process of creation of Bombinator. If you want to be there from the start and help us to ensure that we created a game every one likes, than this is a very good moment for you to be here to read this post.

As we need Players like you. Your opinions are most valuable to us. We need all your help you can provide to make this game better and better all the time.

So what should I know before I start

To fully join our community share all your reflections, problems and ideas on our forum. It is crucial for us to know what is unclear your you, what you like and what you dislike at each stage of development. If you find things which are not working for you as you expect them to work share that with us.

We will not implement all your ideas, that’s for sure, we may not even agree with them but we will definitely read you suggestion and replay to them and if we find them crucial we will definitely try implement them.

With your help we turn Bombinator into a most addictive gameplay of 2016!

And benefits? Are there any?

We reserved few special perks in game just for you our most value and dedicated players so called insiders. For active help and gameplay during early access stage you can unlock 3 achievements which will not be available once early access program is finished. Those achievements will unlock special characters and in-game titles!

So stay tuned for more information to come!

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