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I assume you already lost your hope for seeing Bombinator released, especially with such long break on game good news.

Sorry for keeping you so long without any information.

As an excuse I can only say that it was really demanding time for me, as lots of thing occurred in my life :) happily only good things. My team has increased, as another promising programmer has joined the squad. Although he just bumped into his very first dippers I have great hopes regarding him. Who knows one day when he grows up he may carry on this project :)

Additionally I got stuck with lots of trilling but demanding everyday tasks to fill my pockets. But fear not as I have put my heart in to this project and I’m spending each free second of my life trying to complete this.

Getting greenlit on steam was a great success but also a sign that I must take this project more serious. Before steam I was hoping for hundreds of players maybe. Now I must worry about tens of thousands. And this brings a huge challenge and lots of changes in the system.

Funny but I never wondered before why Zynga and other players on market give such limited user interface in terms of in-game of social features. Since I’m not doing anything else from 2 months but counting bytes that travel through all veins of my system it’s quite obvious now for me…

I want to believe that Bombinator will be released in 1Q of 2017 and I’ll do all I can to make that true :) so stay tuned for future fun!

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