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I’m happy to announce that we are again one step closer to beta lunch. Yesterday for several ours we were testing Bombinator within group of five initial players. A lot of walls were destroyed even those invisible (on unfinished map). The purpose of this meeting was to nail down the last enjoying bugs before we will able to share with You Bombinator :)

There are 10 subscribes waiting for beta program already and lot more are coming soon. Thank You for subscribing our newsletter!

So when can I play, any concrete date ?

There are few things still that need to be sorted out before we can start. Out of which the most important one is that we are still waiting for initial community. Below is task list of things still pending before #1 public lunch:

  • [WIP] Last theme “Dungeon” still needs a lot of love (map size 6x6)
  • [WIP] Support of most common resolutions for UI (currently game is polished only for 1920x1080)
  • [BUG] Delay of game start for everyone who is not room leader (this should be possible to nail quickly). So ones every 20 games or so room leader can start game like 10 seconds before rest of players, why not!? So is it a bug or a feature? ;)
  • [SOC] We still lack enough subscribers, level of 200 active subscriptions to our newsletter list is our priority right now. This very important as we wish you find our servers alive once you log in

For the first three a solid week of work is needed, and for the last one it is also up too you :)

Spread love for Bombinator and subscribe to our newsletter list if you haven’t yet

To reach more players and to speed the process of filling the list we recorded some game play yesterday which will be used to promote Bombinator on Steam platform.

Yes You heard it right, we are about to commit a suicide or gather quickly community for Bombinator beta lunch, either way we are going to Steam Greenlight :)