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The story of Bombinator game start’s within few days, maybe weeks. Finally after more than a year of effort we are close to a working prototype.

So what is Bombinator and why should I pay interest in this game. Will this title address my gaming needs?

Bombinator is an superb fast, action game where your objective is to kill opponents. This very dynamic model where single game should take around 3 to 10 minutes giving you lots of fun. Within even a single game you can easily relax and put away stress and anger accumulated through tense day.

Why Bombinator?

This our first attempt to breach game market, to not fail greatly we had to choose something not far away from our grasp yet giving wide opportunities to bring an addictive gameplay.

This why we want to create a game upon some robust concepts that where once proven to be working for many players.

So what will this game offer?

Coming soon..