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Hi dear Followers, if you are reading this entry than you must be curious how is Bombinator doing and what’s new since last update.

Since last update a battle for community has started. Large amounts of my time has been utilized in social media campaign. Crucial for Bombinator now is to gather a group of players that will enter first beta lunch. We also joined Maid with Unity program you can find Bombinator profile here. But that was not only one thing that happened :)

Welcome to Wild West theme!

Mean time a new theme for first map 6x6 was added. Checkout Press|Media for some crazy pics featuring new theme. Additionally a stunning effect was added to explosions, from now beautiful camera shake enhance gameplay experience.

And what’s now on roadmap?

Currently scheduled are:

  • Dungeon theme for map 6x6
  • Sudden death mode
  • Full gameplay record

So are you ready for online Bomberman like experience ?

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