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Currently in-development

Currently in-development

That’s the second day on the Steam and we are constantly growing :) its 300 accounts by the time I’m writhing this post!

Lots of great ideas and few enjoying issues we are currently dealing with. Below is list of what I’m working on currently and expect to resolve in upcoming days.

  1. [server][bug] - total users counter on website displays always 1
  2. [server][bug] - wrong message (about reset password) on login popup on website
  3. [server][bug] - joining as spectator especially to active gameplay is corrupted
  4. [server][bug] - random name generator adds spaces which are not supported
  5. [server][bug] - sometimes open rooms search returns invalid results
  6. [server][bug] - rank calculation needs some love
  7. [server][bug] - top 10 calculation need some love too
  8. [server][bug] - premium days left always 0 on website

And scheduled for next release of client (probably after 14 May):

  1. [client][bug] - bottom bar counters not display valid stats (cashing problem)
  2. [client][bug] - block please wait button
  3. [client][bug] - fix client issues on disconnect – flooding server with messages causing temporary ban
  4. [client][bug] - do not show popup about losing points for leaving room if spectator
  5. [client][bug] - Poland and France region swapped title on huge tile in room configuration window
  6. [client][feature] - Blinking bonuses button in room configuration for room owner
  7. [client][feature] - Color indicator on region button showing latency quality for selected region, additionally warning when joining region with poor latency
  8. [client][feature] - On game startup curtain room configuration should be displayed initial parameters and bonuses