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[Rev:][Closed] Update 1 - July 2017

Bombinator - Update 1 - July 2017

Finally with over a month delay first update was released. Hopefully critical issues were addressed and resolved. Most Important every two weeks or even more often I’ll re-check all active accounts and rebalance their active premium days along with some gold coins until game will leave early access stage which is not going to happen any soon.

Issues addressed:

  • Stability issue were addressed. Hopefully you will not experience any more situation in which you have not joined active game play.
  • Bans (too many false-positive). Ban policy is now not as aggressive. You shall not be banned from now on unless you try to disrupt service using some modified files or custom communication.
  • Information about corrupted installation or not up-to-date client is now presented in more clear for and does not lead to ban.
  • Issues related to disconnects.
  • Some latency issues along with ghost rooms should also be resolved by now.
  • Random name generator was also updated and no longer adds space.
  • Issue regarding bomb speed to different on each region.
  • Reported typos were addressed .

New features:

  • Added second map with two variants with and without obstacles. This is only initial setup and it will be polished in future updates. This 2 variants are currently available in City theme.
  • Added some predefined presets so new to the game could easily choose one.
  • Added information regarding latency and some warnings.
  • Room configuration redesign to make things more clear.
  • Monthly premium & gold bonus for active players.

User requested features:

  • Bomb fuse time is now configurable and can be set from 1 second to 5 seconds.
  • Unlocked launcher screen so you can now change controller configuration.