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Into Wild West

Game Master's picture

Hi dear Followers, if you are reading this entry than you must be curious how is Bombinator doing and what’s new since last update.

Since last update a battle for community has started. Large amounts of my time has been utilized in social media campaign. Crucial for Bombinator now is to gather a group of players that will enter first beta lunch. We also joined Maid with Unity program you can find Bombinator profile here. But that was not only one thing that happened :)

Bombinator reaches deep space

Game Master's picture

Within each day we are closer to beta lunch. Currently we are polishing our social media pages to get them ready for this special day. To bring even more fun we have finished fine tuning Deep Space theme for first map!

Are you looking forward beta lunch?

If you want be among first to know about beta do not hesitate but visit our mailing page and sign up to receive our newsletter. Visit subscription page.

Early access program and perks!

Game Master's picture

Finally after a year of hard work, we are close to release an early access version of Bombinator. We are already testing the first features and polishing the client to be ready for a public release. Currently client is restricted to limited group of people but it will be open to all players soon, hopefully around second half of June.

So should I be involved in early access program, is it any good for me?

Time for some serious action

Game Master's picture

The story of Bombinator game start’s within few days, maybe weeks. Finally after more than a year of effort we are close to a working prototype.

So what is Bombinator and why should I pay interest in this game. Will this title address my gaming needs?

Bombinator is an superb fast, action game where your objective is to kill opponents. This very dynamic model where single game should take around 3 to 10 minutes giving you lots of fun. Within even a single game you can easily relax and put away stress and anger accumulated through tense day.


first aid


Troubles with running the game? Looking for step by step installation guide you are in right place follow the link bellow.

More »

first steps

If you are looking for quick answers for basic question check out our FAQ section. Possible you will find answers there if not browse our forum.

More »

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Join adventure now .. grab awesome perks!

Playing during early access program can reward you with access to unique characters and titles.

Complete challenging achievements at this stage and shine in future!!

Learn more about lunch of early access

Awesome characters and titles for early access members, available through accomplishing achievements during early access program